Do you know your anime?
Day 1 - Very first anime you watched.
Answer: Bleach.

   Answer - Bleach, but... It is the first anime I've watched after becoming the anime viewer. Not very first. The fact is that I don't remember my very first anime... Probably it is Pokemon... Or other anime, that I had watched on the TV in childhood.
   Well. I have watched Bleach approximate 9 months... Because watching anime was unusual thing for me and it have many of episodes. I've overtook it when it was ongoing though.
   So, since I don't watched shounen anime before(only Pokemon... There was Shaman King else but I didn't remember its plot) Bleach was very intresting and wonderful for me. And it was like that until the end of 366 episode. Except the fillers of course.
   Fillers... Oh, Bleach have plenty of that stuff. Because of it that anime have many of haters. And this is sad.
   There is an interesting thing connected with start of that anime. It happened when I was kid in anime world. I've decided to watch some anime. I had no idea from where I should start... I targeted three titles. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. Naruto I rejected because I was influenced by stereotypes... Brr. One Piece I rejected because it had many of episodes(Ha-ha). So I've chosen Bleach.
   At the end I would like to say that I don't disappointed that I've watched Bleach and anime at all.

Day 2 - Favorite anime you've watched so far.
Answer: Pocket Monsters.

   Oh yeah. Pokemon is my favorite anime, I suppose... I've started watch it in childhood on the TV. When its showing on Russian TV ended I ended watch it, of course... After few years, when I got access to the internet, I've started to watch this cartoon from the begining... And I continue do it to this days...
   Because of this anime I've started to watch anime at all... This is long and complicated story, so I wouldn't tell it now.
   Pokemon have intresting plot(at least in few sagas) and its own style. Now it has more than 800 episodes.
   I don't know what else I should write there... Well... It is my favorite anime...

Day 3 - Favorite male anime character ever.
   Well... It is difficult question. It is very hard to choose favorite character. Because each anime has its own style and characters are correspond to this style... Furthermore "favoritism" of the character may fade with time and then suddenly rise.
   I can choose Allen Walker, Toshiro Hitsugaya, Kyon, Himura Kenshin, Char Aznable, etc...
   But I'll choose the character which I liked recently...
   It is...
Kaito from Hunter x Hunter (2011)

   He is VERY cool! You need to see him in action in anime. He is simply perfect male character!

Day 4 - Favorite female anime character ever.
   The same problem as with the male character...
   I can choose Hiiragi Kagami, Maka Albarn, Yuki Nagato, Nino-san, etc...
   But I'll choose...
Nico Robin from One Piece

   She became favorite character for me with the first appearance in the series...

   Well... Looks like I have creative crisis...

Day 5 - Anime you're ashamed you enjoyed.
Answer: NHK ni Youkoso!.

   Inbou! Conspiracy!
   That anime is very nasty and awful... Well, in my opinion. But there is some interesting and intriguing plot twists. And even there is some sense... But it lost among nondescript moments...
   Seiyu ARE excellent though.
   In sum that anime is awful and interesting in one moment. But I'm ashamed I enjoyed that anime...

Day 6 - Anime you want to see but haven't yet.
Answer: Dragon Ball.

   Oh. I want to watch that anime a long time. But there are always some circumstances because I haven't yet.
   First of all it is a fanservice...
   That's all.
   I know that it is great anime, one of the best shounens, but I haven't watch it yet. Soon it will change! Mua-ha-ha!

Day 7 - Your anime crush.
Answer: Misaka Mikoto

   Well, I don't really understand what mean "Anime crush", but let she will be Misaka Mikoto from To Aru Majutsu no Index/To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.
   She is so tsundere! Dere-dere! Biri-biri! Tsun-tsun!
   And I don't know what I should write again...

Day 8 - Favorite anime couple.
Answer: Nino & Ichinomiya Kou from Arakawa Under the Bridge

   They are perfect couple! So funny and unusual couple. By the way, they became couple in first episode of anime(and first chapter of manga of course). And it is wonderful.

Day 9 - Best anime villain.
Answer: The Major from Hellsing Ultimate

   He is very very evil villain. Villain in the sense, Villain with a capital letter. He sickens. Villains in the anime should be such as him. Although, no. Otherwise all the anime would be too cruel,

Day 10 - Favorite fighter anime.
Answer: Bleach.

   Well... I don't understand what mean "fighter anime", so I've chosen Bleach, because it has fabulous fights, in my opinion... Although it is a difficult question.

Day 11 - Favorite mech anime.
Answer: Mobile suit Gundam.

   It is fantastic mecha anime. Classic of the genre. Wonderful.

Day 12 - Saddest anime scene.
Answer: From Hunter x Hunter(2011).

   And that scene is... the "death" of Kaito... It was so unexpected... And he is so marvellous character... So these scene become sad for me...

Day 13 - Anime character you are most similar to.
Answer: Kaito Yashio from Robotics;Notes, probably.

   Well... Probably, I am similar to Yashio Kaito. I don't know why.

Day 14 - Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you've rewatched it.
Answer: One Piece, I suppose...

   Well... I never rewatched anime-series. But I think, that One Piece never will get older no matter what! Never.

Day 15 - Favorite animal sidekick, etc.
Answer: Typhlosion.

   Typhlosion! Pokemon! Fire! Awww!